Here is what Mollie Manier wrote:

Summary of their experience
Judy has been an absolute dream to work with. I owned a small single-family home in Dewitt in a lower-end market and first put the house up for sale in 2013. The market wasn't right, so Judy helped me find and vett renters - I ended up with a nice family that were steady renters for three years while I lived in Maryland. When it came time to try to sell the house again, Judy was amazing at handling everything. Because I'm not local, there was only so much I could personally handle, and Judy did everything from finding a contractor to do minor repairs and renovations, arranging for an excellent photographer to show the house in the best light, and being on call for utility and repair services. She is knowledgeable, responsible, and I completely trusted her judgement. I would absolutely recommend Judy to anyone looking to buy or sell a home without hesitation.

Service provided
Listed and sold a home or lot/land

Street address
25 Wexford Rd., Town of Dewitt, NY 13214