With a new home fresh on your horizon, it can be difficult to think about getting your current home ready for selling. Here are some helpful tips for this process:


The majority of buyers make online home buying decisions. They look at photographs, they look on Google earth to see surroundings. It is important for every home seller to put their best foot forward in showcasing their home. Sellers should look for agents who provide staging services and a professional photographer. Preparing for photos involves decluttering, cleaning, removing smells from home, making repairs. Sometimes simple, low cost updates can be made to make your home sparkle and shine, making it ready buyers who are actively looking for homes!


Successful staging will boost your home’s appeal and your chances of selling. Staging lets you see your home from a fresh perspective and helps you correct any eyesores that you may have become used to over the years. There are two rooms that often need the most staging - bedrooms and bathrooms. Stage your bedroom to convey a tone of comfort and relaxation. You want it to appear spacious. Your bathrooms need to make a great first impression.


  • Home inspector can help uncover any hidden defects that can be deal breakers for Buyers.
  • Cleaning service to deep clean your home from top to bottom so your home sparkles and shines.
  • Landscaper to give your home great curb appeal.
  • Professional stager to help showcase your home
  • Professional photographer with a good camera to frame and feature your home in the best light.
  • Attorney who specializes in real estate.

As an experienced Real Estate Agent, I have a list of professionals to recommend to you. I always include in my services the cost of photography and 1-2 hours with a professional stager. I would love to help you get your home SOLD!