How long have you lived in your house? Months? Years? After living for so long in one’s house, it’s hard to not see the memories that have been created there. However, when you are looking to move, it’s important to take an unbiased look at your house in preparation of selling.


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The very first step in readying a home for sale is to get rid of the clutter. I suggest that my clients pack up at least half, but even better, two-thirds of their things and get them out of the house. This can sometimes be a difficult exercise, so a great trick is to walk into each room and take a photo. The camera doesn’t lie and will quickly show where the clutter is and where you need to focus on.

Family Photos

Next, it’s important to remove specific visuals in the home that will hinder buyers from picturing themselves in the home. We all love to display our family photos, but you don’t want someone to move into YOUR house with YOUR family. You want them to picture your home as their future home.


Next up - furniture arranging. A lot of times we have extra furniture in a room, either for storage or to provide enough space to fit all our friends or fun kid items. When decorating a home to sell, minimalism is key. For example, only have the dining room table in the dining room and get rid of everything else.


Finally, try to tone down your personal style. Again, the goal is to make the house as generic as possible so that buyers can picture themselves in it. Take a moment to step outside of yourself - look around your house and imagine what someone else sees when they walk in. Pretend you have a different style, what items stick out to you? Those are the ones that need to go.

Other tips to decorate your home to sell:

  • Clean everything until it shines (don’t forget those windows)

  • Clear off countertops

  • Clean off any space above the cabinets

  • Remove or hide trash cans

  • Remove throw rugs and show off your floors

  • Simplify patterns and colors in curtains, carpets, pillows, shower curtains, bed shams

  • Pick up all kid toys

  • Clear off tops of all furniture

  • Clear out half of your closets (over stuffed closets make buyers think there isn’t enough room)

  • Organize your pantry (buyers will look, and you want it to look like there is more than enough space)

  • Minimize/remove electronics and wires

  • Fresh light neutral covered paint

  • Hide evidence of animals

  • Add Fresh flowers

These small things can make the difference in selling a home quickly at a great price and struggling to get offers.